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On-site Registration


We offer a comprehensive digital on-site registration management service for events and exhibitions in South Africa. Our touch screen kiosk setup comes equipped with printers, allowing for quick and efficient registration through QR code scanning, bar code scanning, and NFC/RFID technology. We also offer pre-registration services to streamline the check-in process on the day of the event. We offer name badge printing with lanyards to help identify attendees, and can accommodate events of any size, from 50 guests to 5000+ guests. 

Our team has years of experience in managing registrations and can be trusted to handle all aspects of the process. In addition to these services, we also provide event and expo area check-in kiosks to help monitor traffic and ensure a smooth flow of guests. 

To provide our clients with a full overview of attendance at their event, we offer a comprehensive attendance report in spreadsheet form. This report includes all of the necessary information, such as guest names, check-in and check-out times, and any additional data that may be required. Additionally, attendees can be monitored live at your event through our online cloud admin website, allowing you to track the progress of your event in real-time.

Having registration kiosks at your next event or expo can provide a number of benefits to both you and your attendees:

  1. Efficiency: With registration kiosks, your attendees can quickly and easily check in to your event or expo, eliminating long lines and wait times. This helps to keep your event running smoothly and efficiently.

  2. Data collection: Registration kiosks allow you to collect valuable data on your attendees, including contact information and any additional details you choose to request. This data can be used to improve future events and to better understand your audience.

  3. Improved attendee experience: Long lines and wait times can be frustrating for attendees, and can lead to a negative experience. By providing registration kiosks, you can help to improve the overall attendee experience by making check-in quick and easy.

  4. Branding opportunities: Registration kiosks can be customized with your branding and graphics, allowing you to promote your brand to attendees as they check in.

  5. Increased security: With registration kiosks, you can easily check IDs and verify that attendees are who they say they are. This can help to increase security at your event or expo.

Overall, registration kiosks can help to streamline the check-in process at your event or expo, improve the attendee experience, and provide valuable data and branding opportunities. Consider incorporating registration kiosks into your next event or expo to help make it a success.

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality on-site registration management services and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their marketing objectives and maximize their return on investment throughout South Africa. 

Contact us today to learn more about our on-site registration management services and to discuss your specific needs and objectives.